Guo Shenghua: Compere is goodIn addition, announce finance stimulates policy as soon as possible even, provide huge fund, the Lei Man before this's brother closes down confidence of heavy defeat market, and want group of international of deliverance United States nowadays (AIG)


In the meantime, small gain of watermelon video, quick worker, sina rolls out activity of direct seeding answering question, advantage of play shift transmission and interactive enter involve appeal, publicize epidemic prevention policy extensively, for make concerted effort of the whole people infuse of collective conquer epidemic situation energy7 billion yuan, relatively 31 billion yuan of the corresponding period rose considerably last year 76

93 million pails of crude oil in March 2020, relatively daily output still had small to increase in Feburary, although be in new coronal is pneumonic of epidemic situation " heavy disaster area " Iran, its oil output did not happen to drop considerably

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Guo, today is the time that uses first phase program alone to us all investor friends did a comprehensive popular science, when so that we see again after us,the Central Bank has an action, can know it clearly after all impact of implication of policy hair force, policy, policy is what kind of, then we also expect MrQuestionnaire findings also shows the Central Bank first quarter, early days basically suffers epidemic situation to be opposite macroscopical economy supply and demand the overall effect of two end, while financing environment is improved apparently, business loan demand is not synchronous first quarter go up, among them index of demand of loan of small small company is compared go up year of four quarters still small drop43 trillion yuan to go against in June counter-purchase expire, 740 billion yuan of MLF expires, operation of Central Bank open market puts in in all go against counter-purchase 1

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Compere: More also? Guo Chenghua: Yes, but its data is to announce go up in Chinese money netWang Qing thinks, accompany macroscopical economy to return to the right path stage by stage, economic activity restores ceaselessly, add loan cost hopeful to drop significantly, business loan demand will rise apparentlyThe expert thinks, fluidity can be not tightened up considerably abruptly, release fluidity to still have a space next through falling to wait for a method definitely

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Interest rate policy, we explain the interest rate policy of Chinese Central Bank, have a bright feature, namely from October 2015 later, chinese Central Bank adjusts no longer adjust the standard interest rate that puts loan directly, put working focus what driving interest rate to commercialize however2019, remaining sum of loan of national battalion business exceeds 40 trillion yuan in, if the loan of civilian look forward to of 10% evolves into bad assets, mean bad assets to add 4 trillion yuan newly; And end is whole 2019 bad assets remaining sum controls bank system 3 trillion yuan only, the remaining sum that move equipment is close 6 trillion yuan

(Graph 1) East Asia is the entrance origin ground with Chinese the mainest integrated circuit, among them Chinese Taiwan is occupied than 36From the point of fund value, short end capital interest rate goes up, a person of same business between Shanghai bank is torn open put interest rate (breed of Shibor) of the previous night picks up to 2

Be being counter-purchased and go against counter-purchase, complement here, be Chinese Central Bank be being counter-purchased and go against counter-purchased operation direction and beautiful couplet store counter-purchasing, going against counter-purchased operation direction is contrary fitly, this is different point of view only, but the principle is sameGuo, general Central Bank is main policy should be these, it is other and worth while that that still has follow what everybody shares? Guo Chenghua: It is some actually

Because this is current,the demand buying a car of domestic dweller had be notted satisfy adequately, should stimulate policy only proper, car consumption still has larger promotion spaceCompere: Such beforeThe 3rd, stock impawn riskCompere: EThe house of bank financing cost does not issue those who restricted dot difference high to press fall space, bring about the motive force that reduces LPR relatively finite

Guo Chenghua: Grow to support hypostatic economy, it is this year merely Chinese Central Bank had begun an operation 3 times, it is the new year's day this year for the first time, at that time to support the development of hypostatic economy, chinese Central Bank announces to reduce deposit reserve to lead 0"Predicting 2020~2025 year during, business of our country 5G is used will drive economy to always yield directly 105 trillion yuan

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