Global bond fund flows into nineteen billion two hundred and seventy-six million dollar completely, relatively fifteen billion three hundred and seventy-two million dollar increases somewhat; Fund of stock of Dan Benzhou whole world pours out of 7Growth rate is differ want surely very fast, the time that instead grows likely will be longer, and its space also is compared big


Spending of online new economy goes against city fervent during epidemic situation, electric dealer network is bought, the new job condition such as online service produced main effect in fighting epidemic disease, because China is old " Internet + " economic development, and the lead layout of information and network infrastructure, during online new economy assured epidemic situation, the dweller gives birth to vivid normal movement, epidemic situation is ecbolic also pattern of a batch of new spending and new sale mode, be like long-range office, online education, online medical treatment, online buy dish, cloud to walk a dog wait for a series of new services mode emerge as the times require


Cite a case, arrive from 2016 2019, the income growth of Chinese good-paying group is 29% , and the income growth of medium income group has 19% only, difference expands further


3 be pace is changed to quicken on the line, estate platform begins to appear


Anyhow, want to make sure consumption regards economy as the durable power of growth, besides let a dweller have Qian Kehua, the place spends money, return the social security system such as should further perfect medical treatment, education, provide for the aged, make a dweller rich dare be spent


[monarch strategy Li Shaojun: Capital of two large main force is bought completely considerably medicine and grow to configure a key into foreign capital] this capital on Zhou Bei flows into twenty billion three hundred and sixty-nine million yuan completely considerably, a two be in harmony buy nineteen billion nine hundred and sixty-eight million yuan completely, relatively apparent last week promotion


So, the discretion of short line capital, wait-and-see mood also is in reason


" Liang Fei expresses, the should be mining company oneself to strategy growth potential of simple capital and development foreground


The Japan 30 years ago made a blunder


1) cycle, - 4 years December, city of global commodity ox, highest configuration 61%


Risk clew: Macroscopical economy risk, risk of domestic and international epidemic situation, outstanding achievement is not amounted to anticipate a risk to wait


And we are to drop to Xiong Fu's definition 20% or above, can see so, the expression of field of Chinese A stock market is accorded with anticipate, bovine city is longer than Xiong Fu duration


No matter be value,grow or big pannikin style, the core of switch backside is main area difference, set out from main area we think A the style trend that the head centers just begins


7%) , add company profit space


Be carried by pork supply disturb, integral CPI went up considerably last year compared to the same period, and the elimination that disturbs as supply end, CPI has been on the passageway of rapid fall after a rise


2, division of appraise value analysis achieves value of appraise of board PE, PB to continue to pick up


In light of whole journey, embrace a group overall have above quota accrual