Guangzhou has solid trade base and base of service line of business, guangzhou took the lead in issueing policy of trade of direct seeding cable this year in March, expand business of direct seeding cable energetically, innovation trade new pattern, make Guangzhou wear for the whole nation of the business of direct seeding cable of the nameThe article such as film of chaffy dish, lipstick, calendar, face, tea service starts a product, let the Imperial Palace become a super IP, besides these, " on new · the Imperial Palace " " I repair cultural relic in the Imperial Palace " wait for a batch of TV programs, more curiosa of the ancient construction that allows the Imperial Palace, cultural relic encircle pink in the youth for a time countless, income is more considerable also

[Dong Gu length a source: The country includes in order at present 6 engine are relevant product] Dong Gu length a source (603950) Zhou Yi is in on when interactive answer investor puts questions, card E introduces, the company has followed the main client such as machine of bavin of commercial vehicle of east wind Kang Mingsi, blessing cropland Kang Mingsi, east wind, jade shifts to an earlier date layout country product of 6 standards engine, the country includes in order at present 6 engine are relevant product

Hangzhou boiler share: Promote pyroelectricity to sign contract of 299 million yuan of business affairs with Nantong beautiful

SZ) open quotation drops stop, sign up for 2

In addition, cash of company period end and cash equivalent remaining sum drop 35

22% , the client is spent centrally taller


City traffic appoint introduce, this policy optimizes plan (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) hold to " gross adjusting control, value is oriented, handy easy travel " principle

Same year, kang Dexin share price achieves the history new tall, market prise is close one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two

The scenery of center of wet ground of moxa brook lake that is located in Nanchang high new developed area is beautiful, zoology environment is good, by the citizen praise for Nanchang " green lung " , have the wild animal such as swan, wild goose, crane, mallard more than kinds 20, built good perch surroundings for Hou Diao