2%During dragon boat festival, in fulfil normalization epidemic situation strictly to prevent accuse measure premise to fall, continue to hold to " set limit to, make an appointment, wrong peak " , area of much ground scene rolls out policy of privilege of go on a journeyOne, main area this week (on June 29 - will become on July 5) the market will receive data of economy of many heavy pounds, include data of each country manufacturing industry, each country GDP, the United States blame farming obtain employment reported in June etc, in addition beautiful couplet store will announce conference summary, er of chairman Bao Wei also can publish testimony in congressConsumer loses confidence or last economy of be a burden on however, beautiful couplet store before Luobaituo Peierli points out economic division, spending of even if people increases somewhat, also be temporary only to the drive up of prices, because last,economy of high inflation need appears " negative structure sex is changed "Second line city builds commodity the residence and secondhand residential sale price rises respectively compared to the same period 5Gain rehabilitate determinism increases, increment capital will make the market adjusts a space amply very finite, look from environment of structure of supply and demand of increment capital attribute, market, fluidity, the structural sex feature of bibcock white Ma Zhanyou will be maintained

If bank orgnaization compresses group interest and stock to counter-purchase the forehead continuously, cause a large number of shareholder probably in succession undersell stock brings about share price to drop, can affect the credit grade of American bank orgnaization and financing ability insteadRelevant report: Should the bank create certificate business? Meeting response came card inspect! Can the inspect of card of one action subtle step that a variety of method choose bank of investment of specific progress high quality to discussing license plate of business of certificate of commercial bank operation to may become finance to reform extend to the commercial bank certificate business license plate? Who can unplug money market has He Ying to ring is head preparing rightly? "Business of certificate of aircraft carrier class " plan breaks ice commercial bank hopeful obtains certificate business license plate! Is capital heat holds a bank in both hands certificate business does the commercial bank get certificate business license plate to mix already battalion closed circuit to spell a plan together finally? Will see bank of problem of these 3 core " grab feed " join business of industry Wu certificate can be you still bought? Send certificate business license plate to the bank? The trend that separate line of business mixes course of study to need cleanup law obstacle (article origin: Certificate business China) (responsibility edits: DF512) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footing" Wang Changlin of standing deputy director general introduces management board of park of state of money river source, be the villager inside change state park cultivate habit, they rolled out national park to protect servitude, concessionary manage, the method such as brand appreciation, to everybody scientific and reasonable servitude compensates mechanism and mechanism of implementation of zoology product value, guide the agriculture that builds green environmental protection to produce a habit, realize person and natural and harmonious accrete finally22 ╱ newly 23" a personage of know the inside story discloses to the reporterDo poineering work board translation of the enterprise that put an amount times on June 28 towards evening, hand in place greatly to announce the 4th batch 34 do poineering work board accept a business, so far, hand in place greatly to already was accepted do poineering work board IPO, again financing is in careful enterprise aggregate 89, among them IPO is 76, again financing 138 billion bay yuan, annulus comparing drops 10About how be being advanced, have a variety of method choices, in still discussing now

Guangzhou city hair changes appoint bulletin, this city serves as priority discipline construction answer new coronal the important step of economy of concussion of pneumonic epidemic situation, comb a dimensions of a batch of investment delegate of big, trade

Yamaxun expresses in German spokesman, germany is to divide the United States beyond the biggest market of Yamaxun, since Feburary Yamaxun already ordered ministry of 470 million bottles of hands to disinfect ministry of knead dough of 19 million 21 million pairs of fluid, glove, guaze mask to defend wet towel of appliance and disinfection of 39 million box

Meal income fell compared to the same period May 18On June 29 05:53 banks ETF clinchs a deal the forehead is cruel add [bank ETF clinchs a deal the forehead is cruel add] bank get go up A, bank ETF clinchs a deal the forehead is cruel add, clinch a deal amount is close 130 million yuan

4% , pick up in 3 kinds of big investment the fastest

" on June 22, the reporter comes to company of food of Jiangxi spring silk produce a workshop, see only a movement of product line full carry on one's shoulder, pass in and out moves the carriage car in an endless stream of goods, zhang Yun battalion tells company controller the reporter, of the enterprise comprehensive answer produce, profit from government gives aid to3, first 4 do poineering work board the strategy matchs carry out fund to obtain batch as do poineering work board register make reform enter solid hold level, accept an enterprise to also open veil stage by stage, regard the fund of form a complete set as the product, first can participate in do poineering work board the strategy matchs the fair collect fund of carry out 28 days to be obtained formally batch

About how be being advanced, have a variety of method choices, in still discussing now

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